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Test Bank for Managerial Economics Theory Applications and Cases, 8th Edition, W Bruce Allen, ISBN-10: 0393912779, ISBN-13: 9780393912777 – Download Test Bank Instantly



Test Bank for Managerial Economics Theory Applications and Cases 8th Edition, W Bruce Allen, ISBN-10: 0393912779, ISBN-13: 9780393912777

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Title: Managerial Economics: Theory, Applications, and Cases
Edition: 8th Edition
ISBN- 10: 0393912779
ISBN- 13: 9780393912777
File Format: Electronic(.doc,/.pdf,/excel/.rt/.docx..etc). Zipped in the package and can easily be read on PCs and Macs.
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Table of Contents
Part 1: The Need for A Guide
Chapter 1: Introduction
Part 2: The Nature of Markets
Chapter 2: Demand Theory
Chapter 3: Consumer Behavior and Rational Choice
Chapter 4: Estimating Demand Functions
Part 3: Production and Cost
Chapter 5: Production Theory
Chapter 6: The Analysis Of Costs
Part 4: Market Structure and Simple Pricing Strategies
Chapter 7: Perfect Competition
Chapter 8: Monopoly and Monopolistic Competition
Part 5: Sophisticated Market Pricing
Chapter 9: Managerial Use of Price Discrimination
Chapter 10: Bundling and Intrafirm Pricing
Part 6: The Strategic World of Managers
Chapter 11: Oligopoly
Chapter 12: Game Theory
Chapter 13: Auctions
Part 7: Risk, Uncertainty, and Incentives
Chapter 14: Risk Analysis
Chapter 15: Principal–Agent Issues and Managerial Compensation
Chapter 16: Adverse Selection
Part 8: Government Action and Managerial Behavior
Chapter 17: Government and Business
Chapter 18: Optimization Techniques